BackupEDGE License & 1yr Support (Latest Version)


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Backup, restore and recovery for tapes, CD's, DVD's, and other media. For Intel platforms: Linux SCO UnixWare SCO OpenServer Unixware 7.0

Includes Crash Recovery software RecoverEDGE.
Enables you to quickly and easily recover your system in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure. This is the the most sophisticated Crash Recovery solution available today.

Unlike standard tar, which ignores many important files on your hard drives, BackupEDGE can safely archive every file, directory, device node, and special file on your filesystems.

Can verify every byte of data on an archive against the original, to ensure the archive is an accurate reflection of your data. Automatic data compression. Can be tailored to exclude specific files, file suffixes, or files under a size limit to optimize tape space.
Networked computers can be backed up across the network.
Will work on old versions of SCO from 5.04-5.06
  • Model:BE3REL